Stupid season three.

I’m totally pissed at all the main characters on The L Word right now. Well, with the possible exception of Shane, who was slightly more understanding, but not much. Why, you ask? Because they’re all total dumbasses, and they made Moira cry. Thanks to spoilers on the Showtime website I know that Moira is soon to be Max (sidenote: if I have a daughter I’d consider naming her Maxine so she could be Max for short. I also plan to have an orange cat named Max. …Maybe not if the daughter thing works out–it would probably suck to think you’re named after a cat.) and that makes me a little sad, although it will be nice to see how they handle the trans issue.

But seriously. What is with these women? And why do the writers think it’s okay to have this happening? I’m really upset. First of all, I can’t stand it when women think they’re so enlightened or something because they don’t adhere to butch/femme labels. Okay, sure, maybe in a perfect world no one would feel the need to label herself as anything. And yes, there is a world beyond butch/femme in lesbian living. But those of us who do identify within that binary shouldn’t have to feel ignorant or ashamed of that.

Come on.

I’m butch. I didn’t always define myself this way, but as I grow up it’s becoming a bigger part of my adult identity. I used to think of myself as a tomboy, then briefly a 13-year-old boy stuck in a woman’s body, (okay, sometimes I still think that) and now I’m a big tall shy butch. I’m very proud of my suit and my silk ties. I’m about a step away from switching to boxers or boxer briefs. I exclusively wear men’s pants. I open doors. I buy flowers. I like it when a girl loops her arm through mine.

And that’s okay, dammit.


4 Responses to Stupid season three.

  1. kb says:

    I think the writers intentionally piss us off to keep us watching. They have to do something to keep the show interesting since most of the characters have paired up this season. Happy couples don’t really make crowds gather or promote discussions.

  2. icarus says:

    yeah, i agree that the way they treated moira/max pissed me off. and i also thought that there were class/regional issues too, since moira is the first character who’s obviously less wealthy than the rest of them.

    and i second you on the butch/femme thing. although i think it was portrayed awkwardly in this episode, i think that for people who somewhat identify within one of those identities (like me), it can be annoying when people act like they don’t exist. at the same time, i get annoyed when people attribute attributes (haha) to those identities as if they are inherent or inflexible (aka, “all butches are tops,” etc).

    also interesting that “butch” and “femme” are cross-gender categories, and can be used by people of many genders.

    ah, ok.
    i go to bed now.

    l word is my shameful and yummy addiction.

  3. I mean, certainly the writers have to create drama, but there’s no shortage of that already–Bette is losing her job, Tina is working for Helena and possibly about to start an affair with a man (re: the whole latenight chat with “Daddyof2”), Alice is CRAZY, Jenny’s back from the hospital, Shane now has a wax named after her (!) and is getting to meet Carmen’s family, etc….

    I don’t think it’s necessary to have the major characters, point blank, say that maybe butch/femme is “the only language she knows.” They’re treating Moira like some kind of backwoods adolescent who’s playacting at being a lesbian, and that’s just shitty.

    I’m interested about the class/wealth/regional issues, though, to see how those play out. Unlike the butch/femme thing, no one actively seemed to notice that Moira cared about how much she was paying for dinner, or necessarily equate her style of dress, etc. with her being a lower class. Alice’s Spokane/Skokie thing, though, clearly represents that they don’t really care where she’s from.

  4. lindsey says:

    oo, oo! my very late two cents that you may never, ever find:

    IT IS SO FUCKING OKAY TO BE A BIG TALL SHY BUTCH! jesus fucking christ. what a relief to hear someone say that for once! oh, thank god…

  5. Jennifer says:

    “I’m a big tall shy butch.” NICE! Now where did you say you were headed, darlin’? The beautiful, vivacious, femme loops her arm through yours on our way out the door.–>

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