“I like your style.”

This, with an impish grin, from a maybe thirty-something Asian man who, from not more than two feet away from me, asked my friend, “Is that a boy or a girl?” Seething, I looked straight at him the whole time–my friend, I think, was shocked that he was asking, and made him repeat the question–and said “You know, you could just ask me that. It’s kind of rude.” Or something–I have no idea. Confrontation makes my heart race. I wanted to punch him. Or myself.

I’m sick of gender confusion but I don’t know what to do about it. I have boobs, people! They’re right there, conveniently placed on my chest.


2 Responses to “I like your style.”

  1. lindsey says:

    1. gender confusion is your friend. sure, he had to ask about you; but Next Time he sees another six foot tall crew girl with short hair, he’ll know right away. role models, role models.

    2. lesbian porn just sucks. except the work of shine louise houston. otherwise, i just stick to allmalemovies.com. dude, maybe you should make your own!

  2. your girlfriend says:

    Maybe you’re not a lesbian anymore.–>

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