Voting democratic?

The next bit for On Point this morning was a piece on the supposed identity crisis of conservatives, apparently losing ground thanks to the current administration. A colorful illustration of the problem (well, I suppose for liberals it’s more of a boon than a problem; the problem for conservatives, shall we say) came from a caller who identified as “a southern male” who had voted republican on the federal level across the board for 24 years. Yet he stated in no uncertain terms that he would be voting for the democratic candidate in the next federal election.

To me, this is a pleasant surprise. If anything, I had thought our administration, with its heavy emphasis on religion (remember all that funding for “faith-based organizations” early in Bush’s first term?) and so-called “family values” was actually gaining ground. Look at the numbers who came out to vote conservative when gay marriage popped onto the scene, after all.

Yet it would seem that the administration’s handling of a variety of issues, from the defecit to the war in Iraq, is actually driving away some dyed-in-the-wool conservative voters. The aforementioned caller was particularly incensed about Bush’s war, citing the lack of a congressional mandate as one of his major points of contention. The man was admirably upset that the administration takes voters like him for granted; he said they expect him to have no other choice, to never even consider voting for a democratic candidate.

Guess it doesn’t pay to take southern males for granted.

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