A brief departure.

…but still mildly political:

I’m upset at the way the trailer for World Trade Center was able to manipulate my emotions. As soon as it became clear what the movie was going to be about (maybe ten seconds in, when the date was mentioned) I knew I was very, very against it. I absolutely cannot stomach commercial profit off of September 11th. (You may ask my feelings about Farenheit 911, and such a question would be justified. For the record, I’ve seen the movie twice, and while I’m well aware that Michael Moore is no saint, I think the controversy of his films might actually help him do more than preach to the choir, versus the self-serving, pretty low impact of documentaries like An Inconvenient Truth. Furthermore, I managed to go over a year without ever seeing actual news footage of the loss of the Trade Towers–I think this is a product of living on the west coast and only having one television channel–and I found the footage in the film extremely moving and very well done.)

Anyway. Despite knowing that this trailer was manipulating me, and knowing that I will absolutely never pay money to see the movie it advertised, I still got a little close to tears, and I found that extremely upsetting.


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