More on Israel.

I was impressed to hear a Lebanese guest on the BBC world news this morning make a clear distinction between the Israeli people and the Israeli state. She was quite emotional–and who wouldn’t be?–but still managed to say, quite clearly, that she blamed the Israeli state, not the Israeli people, for the atrocious violence aimed at Hezbollah but hitting civilians along the way. A later caller from Haifa, recently bombed by what calls “suspected Hezbollah rockets,” when asked who he blamed for the destruction, answered simply, “Hezbollah and the American government.”

In any event, it’s still infuriating the way so many seem to be glorifying Israel even in the midst of such overblown violence. According to a later report, Blair and the UN are calling for a cease-fire from Hezbollah and for Israel to tone down its perhaps disproportionate “counter-attacks.” Disproportionate sounds, to me, like an understatement.


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