A brief (re)introduction

Welcome to my new and improved blog. If you’re here from one of my Blogger pages, you’ll notice those old posts (from both Isn’t This the Ladies Room? and News Musings) conveniently located below. I’ve decide to streamline things with this new WordPress format. My hope is to continue posting on all the issues of gender and sexuality from Isn’t This the Ladies Room? and random things from the news (okay, mostly NPR) that used to be found on News Musings. But, yknow, post more often, and hopefully in an engaging way.

I think part of the problem in my lack of consistent blogging is how involved I’ve become lately in reading feminist blogs and getting engaged in the comments threads. Now I’ve decided that my blog-worship of Feministe (and, to a lesser degree, Feministing; I sometimes like Pandagon, but I’ve let the small detail of having comments linked at the beginning of the post annoy me into occasional dislike) should translate into increased blogging on my own site. I should really take the lead of various other Feministe commenters, who often say “I’ve blogged about this topic here,” link to their own site, and proceed with a small comment hinting at their larger post.

Anyway. I expect that while I’m putting off homework and not co-habitating with my sig fig this weekend I’ll do quite a bit of blogging, so I look forward to getting to know anyone who deigns to comment here (thanks to little light and other recent commenters on Isn’t This the Ladies Room–I would’ve acknowledged you sooner, but that blog was still linked to my college email, I believe, and since that was deactivated I haven’t received any notifications).


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