Art imitating life

Man. That Law & Order is just on all the time. It’s freakin amazing.

But specifically, I watched two episodes tonight–back to back, naturally–with storylines lifted straight from the news. Totally bizarre. I think the first one was Criminal Intent (that’s the one with Vincent D’Onofrio, right?) and I missed the first five minutes or so before the opening credits, but it was almost immediately apparent that our pal Vince was sitting on a plane next to a guy who was clearly playing former Jonbenet murder suspect John Karr.

Of course, because it’s TV, the episode had to end with another suspect confessing in tears. But up until they figured out Fife (the Karr character, a former school nurse returning cooperatively from Vietnam) hadn’t really killed Amber-leigh, the storyline was actually following the news coverage pretty closely. Reporters snapped Fife drinking champagne on the plane, for one. The major detail they omitted? In this version, Fife wasn’t allegedly making appointments to have a sex change. Interesting, since L&O is usually so obsessed with the deviant sexuality and whatnot.

And speaking of deviant sexuality… next came an episode of Special Victims Unit. A large part of the storyline involved the main policewoman (I have no idea anyone’s names on these shows) being undercover in this convoluted eco-terrorism investigation (which, by the way, stuck out to me as totally implausible. Let’s be honest–after 2003, is there really even one federal agent investigating domestic terrorism involving environmental groups instead of Arabs?), but then the plot took a twist: said main policewoman discovered that a dead pharmaceutical exec had a secret child sex dungeon below his garage. About ten minutes before the show ended I realized I’d seen a story in the Metro about a girl who’d spent years trapped in a similar hell, then finally managed to escape.

Uh, but I don’t think she cut up a guy’s penis and killed him and dragged him into a pharmaceutically polluted river in real life. That’s the only difference.


One Response to Art imitating life

  1. lindsey says:

    child sex dungeon? a similar hell?! truly, these are thoughts i enjoy reading just before bed time. {shudder}

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