He hit me first!

I’m usually a big Pandagon fan, but I really gotta disagree with Amanda at the moment. In more than one comments thread just today, she’s tried to exculpate war-supporting dems. I’m sorry, but there’s no excuse for that. Her argument to BenA and now karpad has basically been that dems didn’t write bills like the Patriot Act or come up with the war in Iraq, and thus are less to blame. (I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt by saying “less to blame;” nothing she’s said in comments indicates to me that she blames war-supporting dems at all.)

Let’s say my buddy Al decides to rob a bank. He comes up with an elaborate scheme and enlists the help of his buddy Ted. They hold the bank up together. Is Ted any less guilty then Al just because he didn’t come up with the plan in the first place? Or make it a more extreme crime–let’s say premeditated murder. Aren’t they both guilty of murder? Sure, if only one of them actually fires shots or uses a knife, then you may say one is a murderer, while one is an accessory to murder. But if they’re both firing shots, they’re both murderers.

Amanda’s argument seems to be (based on her analogy of how ridiculous it would be to call social security bipartisan) that dems who support unconscionable repub agendas aren’t to blame because they wouldn’t have thought them up on their own; they’re just supporting bills and acts that the repubs put on the table. Sorry, but I don’t buy it. The amount of early and continued support by dems for the war in Iraq tells me that they easily could have come up with it on their own. If we haven’t already invaded Iran well before then, do you think if we elected Hillary in 2008 she would hesitate to go to war?


One Response to He hit me first!

  1. alden says:

    well put! friendly reminders: all major US wars (outside of iraq I and iraq II) have been started by the democrats. plus, is it really fair to give the GOP full credit for iraq II? only if we forget that ‘regime change’ became official US iraq policy starting in . . . 1998! same year as ‘desert fox’- clinton’s own iraq war in miniature. plus, jerks like lieberman pushed iraq II to the hilt. (also important to recall that lieberman was elected veep. would he really have been an arch-supporter of bush’s war but an opponent of the same policy under gore? seems unlikely.) now it’s time for this lot to put up or shut up. a house majority (and it looks like thin senate majority too) means that they can defund iraq and make the war impossible to continue. i’ll accept anyone’s bet in any amount who thinks that they’ll actually do so, up to and including a kidney. also HRC has been one of the biggest hawks on iran, up to and including rhetoric to the right of bush. bush is effectively locked out of an iran war. no way he could do that in the next two years. any disasters in iran will be democrat operations. (and therefore, i assume, progressive and humanitarian. or something.)

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