Gross ad parody.

So I was listening to NPR, and they started talking about some ad parody on YouTube of the new PS3 and Nintendo Wii. Naturally, I had to watch it.

I’m kind of grossed out. I understand that this is also a parody of the Mac ads, where a hipster is the Mac and a fuddy duddy (actually a Daily Show correspondant and hilarious author, so he’s a hipster too, but whatever) is the PC, but come on. They might as well just have left the script at “I’m an angry, frumpy pig!” and “I’m a slut!”

I understand that video games are targeted at men and boys (clearly companies haven’t caught on to the huge girl gamer audience, not to mention lesbians). And I understand that this is a TV parody, not a serious ad. But it’s getting huge hits, and I have to imagine the NPR bit is getting it more. At this point it might as well be an ad, just like the Sony ads in Denmark might as well be on billboards across the US thanks to all the blog traffic they got this past summer.


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