Random thoughts roundup

I think I finally figured out what bothers me so much about Lieberman. It’s that he didn’t trust the voters of his own party to nominate the best candidate. Yes, yes, ultimately he won- but he lost the damn primary. He lost and said, you know what? I don’t think you Really know who you want to represent you, so I’m going to give you one more chance, and then insist you treat me like a democrat even though I didn’t treat you like informed voters.

On the subject of same-sex marriage, I’ve seen a couple of analogies that seem to equate civil unions with “separate but equal” treatment from the days of segregation. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m deeply grateful for the right to marry in my current state of residence, and I’m hopeful that our new governor will do something about Gov. Stupidface’s enforcement of that ridiculous 1913 law prohibiting out of state marriages if they’re not recognized in the other state. But I think people are getting awful hung up on the word “marriage.” If civil unions can come with the same legal status as traditional marriage, I’m all for them. The current pursuit of same sex marriage above all issues is political suicide for queer communities.

But as for recent ballot amendments–minority rights should never be up for majority votes, as long as the majority is still a bunch of idiots.

And, finally, on the topic of what the dems should be doing next: consensus seems to be getting our troops out of Iraq in some kind of timely fashion, which would be great. But I’d also really love it if someone could take a good hard look at No Child Left Behind and realize how much it sucks. What’s going to happen in 2014 when, oh, uhm, not every kid in the country passes state tests, not to mention federal standards?


2 Responses to Random thoughts roundup

  1. alden says:

    to quote:
    “If civil unions can come with the same legal status as traditional marriage, I’m all for them. The current pursuit of same sex marriage above all issues is political suicide for queer communities.” first, at least, say, in vermont, ‘civil union’ is not legally the same as marriage. at least as things stand thus far, there is nowhere that on can get . . civil unionized(? verbing weirds language) and have it legally equivalent to marriage, nor has there been such a thing (full marriage rights under a different title) proposed to my knowledge. so it’s not “separate but equal” – it’s different and not equal. (kind of like separate but equal. how ironic!) and the second point- political suicide? i mean, that’s what the democrats said after the 2004 election, but when has either party No tried to blame everything on ‘the gays’? but seriously- what political aims would you rather see persued? i can think of nothing that would do more for gay rights in the US or anywhere than full marriage rights.

  2. pandanose says:

    Okay. When I say political suicide, I don’t mean ‘blame the gays.’ (Although it’s certainly true that pushing marriage as a national issue was one thing that allowed the rethugs to mobilize fundamentalist voters in 04. But I certainly wouldn’t blame that election on the gays.) I mean more that gay activism has become single-issue activism, and that now the drive for equal marriage rights has literally taken away money and resources for other aims. You know, like anti-discrimination laws for employment and housing, trans rights particularly in the arena of health care and identification… And obviously I’m not arguing against same sex marriage, or being one of those ‘we should wait til everybody can accept it’ people. I just think that given a climate where it’s unlikely to be resolved on a national level anytime soon, focusing on this issue keeps us politically occupied so that we’re less likely to be vocal about other issues. And it allows politicians to disingenuously claim they care about queer issues by purporting to support same-sex marriage. Cause, yknow, marriage rights aren’t important to a fair chunk of queers–particularly trans folk, who often can’t get married, period.

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