Jessica Valenti rocks.

For those of you who couldn’t make it to Simmons last night, Jessica was awesome. (Best line of the evening: “Well, I don’t have a penis, and I don’t rape women. So…”)

If you haven’t already read Full Frontal Feminism, you really should. (Support those local independent bookstores!) Even if you consider yourself an expert on feminist issues you’ll probably still find something new (like the anti-rape device the line above refers to) and it’s a quick read with great resources throughout. I’d also totally recommend sending a copy to a young woman in your life, particularly a high schooler or college student who might not have access to feminism in a way that’s straightforward and fun to read. And, my personal favorite–the book is totally homo-inclusive. Woo!

[Edit: Rereading this more than a year later, I now know that Valenti has taken a lot of flak for not writing a book that is more inclusive of the work of women of color. There’s been a lot of bad behavior on both sides, from critics and supporters, but I still think FFF is a valuable primer. Not the end-all-be-all by any means, but a good step in the right direction. I really hope more women of color can get their foot in the door in the publishing world, because we need more feminist books, and those of us who aspire to be anti-racist allies need to listen more and presume less.]

One Response to Jessica Valenti rocks.

  1. Jessica says:

    Aw, thanks! It was so nice to meet you and I’m really happy that you enjoyed the talk. Keep in touch…

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