Walk this way

I’ve been seeing (and getting involved in, though I’m not always as coherent as I’d like) a lot of discussions about race lately, many of them directly related to Full Frontal Feminism and the various reviews, critiques, and defenses of it floating around in the blogosphere.

Race hasn’t often been prominent on my radar, and I’m well aware that I’m afforded that luxury because I’m white. I grew up in an extremely homogeneous place, went to extremely white schools, and then went off to college at the ultimate White Boys’ Club, which thankfully is a lot more diverse now than it used to be. (Hence me being able to go, being a lady and all.) But even there I rarely engaged in any hard conversations, which I now realize is such a shame.

Anyway, all of these discussions through The Series of Tubes have left me sort of reeling and experiencing a pretty wild range of emotions. So rather than trying to say anything profound, I’ll direct you to some other people who are already saying wonderful and profound things.

Anti-racism, race traitors, and whiteness, from Plain(s) Feminist.

A Thank-You, an Apology, and a Rant, from Ilyka Damen.

Things You Need to Understand #4, from The Angry Black Woman.


3 Responses to Walk this way

  1. bluestockingsrs says:

    Some of the comments in that first link are the pretty standard “it isn’t my fault so I am not going to do a damn thing” which always makes me tired.

  2. pandanose says:

    I’ll admit to not having thoroughly read all the comments the first time through, so I went back again. I feel like plain(s) feminist and Donna were pretty good about telling people to check their privilege. But yeah, I’ll agree with you that there’s sort of a “Oh, thank goodness! I feel so bad when somebody calls me a racist!” vibe to a few of the comments. If you have links to share I’d love to have ’em.

  3. I post about race fairly frequently in my LJ, but I am up to my eyeballs in feminism right now.

    And moving my gf here from Michigan this week- but I will definitely share some links and articles if you’d like.

    I love having people to talk to who haven’t heard all of my rants. 😉

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