Well, whatever it takes

From this morning’s Boston Globe, in a story about vote-switchers in yesterday’s 45-151 defeat of the proposed marriage amendment:

[Senator Gale] Candaras had voted for the amendment when she was a House member representing a relatively conservative district with a large number of elderly people in Hampden County; now that she is a senator, she said, her new, much larger constituency made its sentiment clear to her.

Some constituents wrote saying that they had changed their minds, like the elderly woman who said she previously asked Candaras to support the ban.

“But since then, Gale,” the woman wrote, as Candaras told it, “this lovely couple, these two men, moved in next door to me, and they have a couple of children and they’re married, and they help me with my lawn. And if they can’t be married in Massachusetts, they’re going to leave — and then who would help me with my lawn?”

Indeed. Forget taxes, insurance, hospital visitation rights, the existence of second-class citizens, and the threat of minority rights being up to a majority vote–the real issue here is lawn care. And nobody knows how to maintain a plush turf like homos.


One Response to Well, whatever it takes

  1. anastrophe says:

    What is truly incredible about this is that this is a person who represents Hampden County–where, if you’ve ever been to Springfield or Holyoke, the last thing on people’s minds is their lawns.

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