See, this is why I hate the internets.

Against my better judgment, I returned to reading some of my favorite larger blogs and even jumped into a couple of comments threads. There’s a reason it’s called “better judgment.” This time around wasn’t as bad as the thread that put me off blogs in the first place–just a few parts misunderstanding, a dash of condescension, and my good intentions amounting to pretty much nothing. I will never understand why so many people seem to enjoy fighting with potential allies, but I’d like to think that isn’t one of my hobbies.

Clearly I’m not cut out to be a Real Blogger, as I’m too thin-skinned for even minor squabbles. Oh well. Not much of a loss, in the long run. For now, I’m sticking to the blogs of people I know, along with the hijinks of Ivy Leaguers and ex-Mormons, at least until such a time as I can more readily restrain myself from reading comments. It’s just not worth it to get this worked up over… what? Strangers? Anonymous people? Hard to say. Just not worth it.

In the meantime, back to some lighter fare. I’m leaving for parts west on Friday, but hopefully before then I’ll get around to writing a little about Nobody Passes, which I’ve been meaning to do since I finished it months ago.

Also–have you people been to Facebook and Friendster lately? They got the internet goin Nutz. I returned after a several month hiatus to find both of those sites have gone totally insane. (MySpace, for the record, is relatively unchanged; still ugly.) Seriously, I fully expect that one morning I will wake up to find that my alarm clock has morphed into a social networking clock that will tell me how many of my friends are awake. Then I will stumble into the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of cereal, only to find a built-in media player next to the nutrition information.


3 Responses to See, this is why I hate the internets.

  1. Ryan says:

    Your comment at the end about a clock and stuff is so funny and ironic.

    Email me if your interested in why I say that. LoL


  2. pandanose says:

    Please don’t tell me you’ve invented a social networking alarm clock.

  3. Ryan says:

    It’s the first sleep and wake up social networking site, where upon your alarm time passing you are awakened by your friends’ alarm (voicemail) messages.

    User environments are bedrooms that display user in a large picture frame and six small frames portray your friends. Being a social network allows users to regulate their Social Alarm Clock, send each other email and leave gifts for one another in their rooms.

    Why wake to a buzzer on your birthday when you can be awakened to your friends spoken Happy Birthday wishes. One example of many!

    http://www.Sleep.FM – The Social Alarm Clock a finalist!

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