Quick hits: SF edition

So I’ve been pretty bad about this whole blogging thing. Remember how I went to San Francisco in August? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, I went to some neat restaurants there, and I figured I should say a little something before I forget them entirely.

Herbivore – The Misson
We ended up here for brunch on our first full day. I’d sort of been hoping for the more lunch end of the spectrum, so my meal wasn’t entirely what I had in mind. Nonetheless, it was totally tasty. Some kind of a fake sausage thing with a mushroom thing and some tomato and avocado thing happening on the side. Boston folk should try to picture Diesel, minus the pool tables, plus a lot more menu items. All vegetarian. (Possibly all vegan? I wasn’t really paying attention.)

Harvey’s – The Castro
While we were sort of disappointed by the neighborhood on the whole, we were quite pleased with our lunch at Harvey’s. The Sig Fig had a salad that earned rave reviews, and I had a perfectly decent French dip. I think? I wasn’t really paying attention. Anyway I think I remember the fries being tasty, and the service being good. Our waiter, Milton, called me sweetheart at one point. I’m totally a sucker for that.

Millennium – Technically in the Tenderloin, but most guidebooks say it’s in the Civic Center neighborhood
We were kind of worried that, oh, maybe our hotel was smack dab in the middle of the Tenderloin. And it kind of was, but not really. Then we noticed that we were right across the street from Millennium. Vegan foodies may recognize the name–they put out The Artful Vegan, which is totally your go-to vegan cookbook if you have a hankering for complex recipes involving hard to find ingredients. Anyway I convinced the Sig Fig that we should try their summer harvest pre fixe menu, and I’m really glad I did. At this point I can barely tell you what I ate. There was a pizza with some figs on it, and I think a salad, and my entree was basically a reimagined tamale. It was damned good. The Sig Fig was less pleased with her entree, which had something like the twelve strongest flavors imaginable interacting on one plate–she fed me a bite, and I was totally unclear on what I was actually tasting. A high point for me was the wine pairings, which were excellent. Also a really tasty dessert with some port sauce or something. (Side note: I definitely have a copy of this menu in my room. I’ll track it down and tack on an addendum.)

Greens – Fort Mason
Though recommended by my Petaluma-living aunt, Greens was the most thoroughly pretentious venue of our visit. We felt a little underdressed, and had the distinct impression we were surrounded by millionaires. Also we were about twenty years younger than everybody there. Nonetheless, they made us a tasty–if not totally filling–lunch. I had like a salad and these grilled peaches, which were pretty good. Also a couple nibbles of the Sig Fig’s slightly fancy grilled cheese. Like I said, I wasn’t paying much attention. I just know I left still pretty hungry, which led to the extremely poor decision of going somewhere along Fisherman’s Wharf for a really gross stuffed avocado. (Note to Bostonians: why would you order seafood somewhere else? Don’t be stupid. You know what good seafood is supposed to taste like.) Oh, also when we left Greens I saw Niels from the second season of Beauty and the Geek. That’s only barely noteworthy, though.

Kara’s Cupcakes – Ghiradelli Square

This is totally the place to get a tasty cupcake. It’s also good for when you want to hang out in Ghiradelli Square but you don’t want to brave the throng at the actual Ghiradelli shop. (Which, honestly, you shouldn’t. You can buy the chocolate all along the wharf. Or, you know, also in other places, like supermarkets sometimes.) I would advise getting some milk, which they sell.


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