The view on transgender kids

Hat tip to Queer Today for posting this. I see it’s also among the most viewed videos on YouTube today, though naturally I wouldn’t recommend reading the comments. (Not the worst I’ve seen, but YouTube comments are always far from enlightened.)

It’s pretty cool to hear the oldest woman on the show acknowledge that trans youth usually know from a very young age that there’s something different about them, and I appreciate guest host Melina Kanakaredes being very diplomatic in asserting that kids should all have the chance to play and explore without being labeled or told what they’re doing is wrong. Naturally I’m not a big fan of Sherri Shepherd’s position (“Not in my house and not until you’re 18”) but at least she’s being consistent–no sex under her roof for unmarried couples, gay or straight, and absolutely no crossdressing. Thanks, Sherri. Glad you could clear that up for us.

(Footnote: could someone in the know tell me what’s up with using the asterisk with the word trans? I’ve seen it on a couple of blogs now, and it confuses me. I’m a big fan of Whipping Girl and try to use pronouns and adjectives the way they’re used by people I know and love… help me out, folks!)


2 Responses to The view on transgender kids

  1. G says:

    As far as I know, the * is used in place of any of the number of suffixes that can be attached to trans. Sort of like trying to be inclusive without making any one term (coughtransgendercough) the be-all, end-all uber-category.

  2. mk's ladyfriend says:

    Wawa = Sarah Lawrence alum. You know I had to bring it up.

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