Though you’re vermin

[Insert apology about not writing more, though said apology probably falls on deaf… uhm… eyes.]

In order to make the commute to the airport as efficient as possible for my parents, who live two hours away from said airport, I went ahead and got a ticket so that I could leave on the same day as my brother. (I only had a one-way ticket lined up because my mom and I had planned to attend my great-aunt’s 100th birthday celebration; but, alas, she didn’t make it Quite to the century mark, and we decided to nix the trip.) Unfortunately I could only get a flight that left a few hours after his (and, after some airline runaround, a flight that left a few hours after That, and went through two entirely different cities… but that’s another story) so my mom and I decided to a see a movie in between. The timing worked best for us to see Enchanted, so that’s what we did.

I should say here that I like Disney. I like Disney movies, I love Disneyland, and I will give you a really dirty look if you ever suggest that I’m too old for having my picture taken with Pluto. This doesn’t mean that I don’t understand how problematic Disney is, as a corporation and an American icon, or that I think all their movies are totally hunky-dory with super keen messages for kids (and little girls in particular). But I do like Disney, and I like to have a good time when I see a Disney movie. And that’s just what I did when I saw Enchanted.

It’s a very self-aware film. Totally over the top with the princess (and Disney) cliches, songs that are totally preposterous (see title of this post), Amy Freakin’ Adams as the heroine… it’s great fun, really.

My one problem: why the gay jokes, Disney? Yes, it’s funny to have the prince go door to door in the apartment building and run into several wacky characters before he finally finds his true love. But why does one of those characters have to be a leather daddy who gives him a lusty smile? It seemed… unnecessary.

Oh, and I also saw No Country for Old Men, which is totally fabulous, as just about everyone in the world has already said. I would watch Tommy Lee Jones in just about anything when he’s workin the accent, frankly, but the rest of the film delivers as well.


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