Why don’t you go lick the tub with your sister?

An assortment of random things:

A very nice young man came to the door tonight to talk to me about Barack Obama. (Actually he came to talk to any of three names on his clipboard, none of which were mine, and two of which no longer live here. But I was feeling chatty anyway.) I let him do his mini-spiel and he didn’t really floor me, but then again he was just going door to door to poll, not really to spiel. He also told me about Kucinich’s support of Obama, which I hadn’t known.

One of my roommates is appalled that I bought season one of The Girls Next Door for the Sig Fig. (We forced her to watch an episode after our sledding adventure, and she just couldn’t stop talking about how appalled she was.) I can understand how she’d be surprised that we watch a show like that, and it’s not like I’m all Woo Playboy! all the time, but it made me wonder–does it matter why you’re consuming popular media that objectifies women, or does buying it at all make you a party to that objectification? Because I certainly don’t watch it hoping for some topless shots, and I leave each episode with judgments about those specific women, not women in general or Playboy models/bunnies/girlfriends in general.

I think college prepares you really poorly for Life After College. And I don’t mean in the like Finding A Job And Money And Meaning arena, although that could certainly be improved. I just mean that nobody really tells you you’re probably going to be lonely.

There aren’t enough lesbians in popular media. I’ve been watching American Idol a little bit lately, and the lack of lesbians makes me sad. And then I watch the L Word on my computer, and the lack of butches makes me sad.


One Response to Why don’t you go lick the tub with your sister?

  1. oldbreed says:

    oh man, that’s kinda depressing…I’m graduating from the lesbian capitol of America and I have a feeling that any other community will be kinda a step down ^^; Ah well at least I play rugby =]

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