The Superb Owl

The handy thing about not really being a sports fan is that you can watch A Very Important Game and not be very fazed by the outcome. That said, Tom Brady is a schmuck.

Also, the ads were a little disappointing this year. Regardless, here are my votes, in no particular order.

1. Grossest: The etrade ad with the spitup. I found both ads mildly amusing but also kind of disconcerting.

2. Most offensive: That weird adgenie or whoever they are animated ad with the pandas. Seriously, who let that ad go to air? Everyone watching in my room was more than a little stunned.

3. Best use of an animal costume: Viewer-submitted Doritos ad. I didn’t really like watching the poor guy get beaten up, but I really appreciated the mouse busting through the wall.

4. Best overall: The Bridgestone screaming squirrel. (The deer and the woman were also fantastic, but I think the squirrel should really get the props here.)

Budweiser had a fine showing, but not their best work; the firebreathing was much better than the flying, but I’ve liked some of their regular spots a lot better. And what was up with all the super boring car commercials?

A note to my regular readers, all two of you: I’m going to start posting regularly for my young adult literature class. No doubt my commentary will veer into the queer and feminist and snarky realms nonetheless, but the subject matter is going to start out in the realm of teen fiction. Shweet.


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