Nothing to do with delegates or democrats

But the nominees for this year’s Pride themes and marshalls are up at Boston Pride, so you should go vote. (In several of the categories the only choices are a nominee or no one, but there are several themes to choose from, and I was delighted to vote for Ciara Durkin as an honorary marshall.)

Personally I think all the themes are pretty bland, but I’ll take any of them over last year’s, thanks.


One Response to Nothing to do with delegates or democrats

  1. mk's ladyfriend says:

    I just checked out the possibilities for this year’s themes, and while I’m relieved that they are staying away from anything military, none of them really make me feel … pride-y. There’s “Your Rights, Our Rights, Equal Rights” which feels a lot like it’s addressing a straight audience. I totally hate “Back To Basics: Diversity, Equality, Pride.” Like we’ve all been distracted for the past year, and need to be reminded that we don’t have basic rights. “Acceptance is Key: Be Intolerance Free” turns the grammar section of my brain into a mobius strip. Then there’s that one that sounds like we’ll be celebrating Recycling Pride. I guess I’ll vote for the bondage-y sounding, “United By Pride, Bound for Equality.”

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