Mmm. Non-meaty.

One of the unexpected perks of dating a lazy vegan is that I’ve been introduced to a number of new foods, many of which I will actually eat. Seriously, I’m a total fake meat convert. (Well, not a total convert. That fake duck at Wonder Spice gives me pause. I think it’s the fake goosebumps.) I don’t think I’ll ever meet a fake burger that I’ll actually like–I guess I just keep expecting them to taste like, well, meat–but I am seriously in love with patties.

Specifically, the Spicy Chik’n Patty. Or SCP, as we call it. Divine! Delightful! Delish! I like to top mine with lightly carmelized onions, a good sharp cheddar, some guac, and Gary West sweet hot mustard. I’ve tried other brands (Morningstar in particular; I like their sausage patty, but their chik’n leaves something to be desired) but Boca totally floats my boat. And unlike those chicken sandwiches in the dining hall, I’ve yet to burn out on SCP.

(Full disclosure: I am totally trying to win free Boca products with this post. But serious, the SCP is fantastic.)


One Response to Mmm. Non-meaty.

  1. Veronica says:

    Please email me your address so I can get you the coupons. Thanks!

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