A change of pace

Once again, the internets is making my head hurt. (Regular readers, all two of you, will recognize this as a familiar theme for me.) I purged my RSS reader of all the political blogs I read, although they remain on my blogroll here, because I was just getting kind of overwhelmed and depressed about Things In General, which is dumb because when it comes down to it Things In General are fine. Internet Things In General, however, are kind of stressful. I find the primary season more and more frustrating, Dr. Zucker is an asshat, and it totally blows my mind that cops can unload 51 rounds into someone and the world just keeps spinning.

So I’ve decided to switch back to somewhat lighter blogging, unless something more intellectual happens to strike my fancy. I’ll keep up with the YA book blurbs, I’m going to work on posting Boston reviews more regularly, and I’m going to start a new section called Stuff I Like.

Pretty routinely after I’ve launched in on a spiel about how much I like something, a bystander will comment that I should be in PR. And it’s true–I give free awesome press for a variety of establishments, products, and body modifications. So on the off-chance that someone in a corporation might spot one of those posts and give me a grotesque amount of money (but more, actually, that someone else might find my opinion helpful), look for the first installment of Stuff I Like soon. Possibly later in this lunch break.

Also, as some of you may have noticed, I’ve been trying (slowly) to redesign the site. I’ve started using tags and trying to use categories more sparingly–somehow I didn’t realize what a ridiculous list of categories that is!–and I’m shopping around for a template I like better than the ones I’ve used in the past. I don’t have any web design smarts, so at the moment I’m limited to the free WordPress templates, but if anyone has any suggestions or wants to help make things attractive, please do let me know.


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