The results are in

…And it turns out girls might Not be to blame for the “boys’ crisis.” Shocker! This is what I’ve been saying for a while, albeit quietly and to no one in particular: the fact that girls and women are outperforming their male peers in schools and colleges doesn’t mean there’s some kind of Male Trouble afoot, particularly since the wage gap is still so very intact.

I look forward to reading the full report and hear thoughts on it, but this statement from Linda Hallman really struck me:

“To have this distracter out there, about the boys’ crisis, took away from our mission, from pushing forward for what we were trying to achieve, which is to be a leader in dealing with the education crisis that affects girls and boys without many resources.”

Indeed! I think “distracter” is a very apt description for the “boys’ crisis.” Focusing attention on the boys both keeps girls’ accomplishments out of the spotlight and also removes race and class from the discussion.


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