Stuff I Like: Bank of America Customer Service

I don’t want the title to imply that I don’t like Bank of America in general. I do; I’ve been banking with them for about a year and a half, and aside from being a vast improvement over my old bank, I’ve been extremely happy with them. Their online banking is wonderful, I’m saving money without even trying thanks to Keep the Change, and they have branches pretty much anywhere I’d want to go, including where I live and work.

It’s their customer service, though, that has made me particularly happy in the past couple of weeks. This is a lengthy, fairly boring story, just to warn you. I emerge triumphant in the end.

When I booked a hotel for the ALA convention in Anaheim (conveniently located next to Disneyland) through Travelocity, no one informed me that said travel company makes it a policy to double-bill debit cards until the purchase clears. Luckily I’m a person who checks her online statement quite frequently, so I noticed the two identical charges pending.

When I called Travelocity to ask about the double charge, an extremely unhelpful man told me the charge would go away, and, I quote, not to worry about it. This seemed wrong to me, but I didn’t really feel like talking to him more so I hung up.

Two days later, I checked my online statement to find that while the original charge had cleared, the duplicate was still listed as pending, and my account was overdrawn due to a Whole Foods trip. This seemed extra wrong, so I called my bank. The first woman I spoke to was all, oh, that must be their mistake. You might get an overdraft fee, so you should watch out for that. I called Travelocity again, and got a Really unhelpful woman named Nadia, who made me want to yell. She put me on hold a lot, tried to convince me the double-billing was my bank’s policy (wrong), assured me I wouldn’t get an overdraft fee (wrong), and started getting this irritated note to her voice as she told me, repeatedly, “Don’t worry about it.”

She ultimately transferred me to another representative at my bank, who spoke very softly and assured me that it was the travel company’s fault, and that if any overdraft fees appeared I should just call them back and get them erased.

A couple days later, lo and behold, $140 worth of overdraft fees. Hilarity! I called customer service yet again, got transferred to a very nice woman in the claims department, and immediately got a credit for the amount of the fees. (When I discovered a fifth charge I’d missed this morning, I called again and got the same result.)

So. Long story short, although of course I wish I could’ve avoided the whole thing in the first place, the customer service at BofA is pretty great. Particularly the fine folks in the electronic claims department.


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