Review: Bennigan’s

Just please, for the love of dog, do not order a Monte Cristo.

Seriously, why is that even a menu item anywhere? I’m not saying it like “Oh, Bennigan’s is totally this classy place, why would they have a menu item like this?” I’m saying “This is a ridiculous thing to order. No one should be able to order a fried sandwich. No one should be able to order something that is essentially a sandwich combined with French toast.”

Anyway, I’ve been to Bennigan’s several times, which by itself must say somehing about how tolerable their food is. It’s very much in the Chili’s/Applebee’s/Red Robin school of restaurants, which is perfectly fine. First of all, they have pretty great French fries. That goes far in my book.

On my last visit, I had the fried chicken minis. For some reason, I always prefer that these be called sliders; at Bennigan’s they’re called minis. And mine came inexplicably without the honey dijon, which honestly was a big motivation for ordering them in the first place. I also ended up abandoning most of the bun, since I felt like I was eating super chewy chicken fingers and didn’t really need extra things to chew through. We all felt a little like our fries might have been from the end of a batch, which was also the concern we had with our first basket of chips and salsa.

I should mention that while the Sig Fig had previously enjoyed the black bean burger, this time she was so thoroughly disgusted she was worried she’d be feeling the effects the next day. The patty was unbelievably greasy, as was the bun, and the guacamole seemed to have gone rancid. She was incredibly stoic about it, though–I didn’t really have any idea until we’d left.

On previous visits I’d have to say I enjoyed my entree more, so this is definitely one of those places with some decidedly hit or miss offerings. Fries are usually a winner, though, and the beer selection is nice–I always appreciate a family restaurant that serves Blue Moon.


2 Responses to Review: Bennigan’s

  1. Joel says:

    You should actually try the Monte Cristo. It is a really good sandwich. It isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds. By the way, Sliders is a trademarked name that Bennigan’s can’t use for its mini-burgers. Complain to the manager or call the 800 number for Bennigan’s if your food wasn’t what you expected. They are pretty good about sending you a gift card or something for your time.

  2. pandanose says:

    Oh, but I Have tried the Monte Cristo. It’s perhaps not as bad as it sounds, but certainly not my cup of tea. Fascinating about the sliders–who holds the trademark? And I appreciate the 800 tip–I do love me some gift cards.

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