Review: The Baconator

A disclaimer: I don’t eat at Wendy’s all that often. It’s not that I really have something against Wendy’s, although a good friend of mine used to work there in high school so I certainly avoid certain menu items (like the chili. Please, do not order the chili. You shouldn’t anway, but please, just don’t). I just don’t consider it in the top tier of fast food. The fries (always so salty!) and the Frosty are the main standout items, and that doesn’t make the most balanced meal. I’ve had burgers with lettuce that tasted like chlorine, and yet I keep coming back.

But the reason I’m reviewing this particular chain, something I don’t usually do, is because I ate a Baconator.

I’m not really sure why I did it. Something compelled me, I guess. Maybe I was thinking, “I’m already here–why not do the most damage to my arteries? Why not just go all out?” Perhaps the slick advertising campaign had sunk in subconsciously. Whatever it was, I ordered the combo meal.

It should come as no surprise that the burger I received didn’t look much like the one in the ads. I can remember being fascinated as a kid by an issue of Zillions that included a diagram of all the crap they do to make burgers look good in ads–glue instead of mayo, the slit cut into the patty to make it spread out, the pins attaching the sesame seeds to the buns. But this burger definitely did not look like the ads.

For starters, the patties were sort of raggedy and gross looking. Wendy’s meat is never particularly pretty, but it’s usually at least a uniform (square) patty. Not so with my Baconator.

Secondly, I really question whether I had six slices of bacon on that burger. Now, of course, I really didn’t need six slices of bacon. No one needs six slices of bacon. But I was led to believe there would be six slices of bacon on my burger, and I did not ultimately feel at any point as if I had bitten into six slices of bacon in the same mouthful.

Ultimately, this isn’t something I will probably ever order again. In fact, it was pretty gross, and I felt kind of gross all night after eating it. If you want an awesome bacon burger (and why wouldn’t you?), I would suggest traveling to a state where the Jack in the Box franchise has stores. There, I suggest purchasing the Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger, which is totally awesome.

Get with the program, Massachusetts!


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