Review: Carrow’s

I can’t tell if there’s a Carrow’s attached to every Ramada or just the one where I stayed in Anaheim, but I did find their website if you’re really interested.

All in all, I was quite pleased with the three meals I had at Carrow’s during my stay. Sadly, they were out of some of their promoted items–no carnitas, no Corona of any kind–but I had a delightful turky sandwich on a croissant for dinner one night, served with some very tasty fries. For breakfast I had eggs, bacon & hashbrowns the first morning, then potato pancakes and sausage the next. (Extremely tasty on both counts. No one does potatoes like a diner.)

I suppose this isn’t exactly a diner–it’s as much a diner as IHOP or Denny’s–but they’re quite good at what they do, which is mostly breakfast, and also things with strawberries. I had the strawberry pie for dessert with my dinner and could have done without the enormous mound of whipped cream, but was otherwise pleased.

I’d rate this “anytime I’m staying at a Ramada where there’s a Carrow’s next door, I’ll probably go there at least once for a meal. Particularly breakfast.”


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