Review: City Feed

I’m really on a roll here, huh? I realized I had a lot of severely overdue reviews, and I’m icing the ankle I severely twisted this morning (the Sig Fig said the only way it could’ve looked worse would be if I’d been carrying my schoolbooks and full cafeteria tray) so what else am I gonna do?

City Feed & Supply is simply the best place in JP to get sandwiches. I would almost say in Boston, but they’re edged out slightly by Darwin’s for bread selection and the fact that Darwin’s serves sandwiches much later.

Like Darwin’s, City Feed sells coffee and a variety of groceries (largely organic), along with the ever popular coolers of snooty beverages. (My favorite.) But the real draw? Amazing sandwiches.
Unlike Darwin’s, City Feed actually offers meat alternatives, not just hummus. While unfortunately they never seem to have both at the same time, they offer fakin’ bacon tempeh AND tofurkey. The tempeh is in the delightful BLT, while the tofurkey used to be in the veggie version of my personal favorite sandwich—piled with avocado, pepper relish, marinated onions (which I usually skip, but only because I don’t like onion breath), herbed mayo, lettuce and tomato. (The meat version also includes a truly divine crumbly cheddar.) For a while it looked as if they’d lost their bulk tofurkey supplier, so the old number two was replaced by a new sandwich with hummus, cheese, olives and peppers. But on days when they have tofurkey, most of the employees remember the old number two and will happily make it for you.

I’ve also tried the Farmer’s Lunch (a ton of cheddar, grannysmith slices, totally amazing pickled tomatoes, lettuce and a tasty mustard), and the Sig Fig swears by switching in tempeh (when they have it) for meat in the Italian.

As I said, the bread isn’t super exciting, but I recommend the baguette (chewy) for maximum sandwich size. Some sandwiches come on suggested breads, but you can always make a request.

Unfortunately they stop making sandwiches at six, or earlier if they run out of bread/don’t feel like it, so this is more a lunch destination. You can always call ahead with your order, which I’d definitely recommend around lunchtime as they can get quite busy.

The staff here is generally extremely friendly and laid-back. Apparently only a handful of people know how to make the espresso drinks, which can get tricky when someone’s on a break, but that’s never been a big problem for me. The prices are quite reasonable and there are always great organic chocolates, Kettle Chips, and, if you’re lucky, some amazing baked goods. (We almost died from overdosing on maple scones.)


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