Review: Doyle’s

If you don’t like Doyle’s, you’re probably an asshole.

No, really, I’m pretty serious about this.  If you’ve actually been to Doyle’s more than once and still don’t like it, we almost certainly should not be friends.

Doyle’s is a Boston landmark. If you don’t believe me, ask them. A whole lot of movies filmed in Boston have some scene in a bar, and that bar is Doyle’s. This alone doesn’t necessarily make the place worthwhile, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Now, don’t get me wrong–not all the food at Doyle’s is particularly good. Some of it is downright awful. And every once in a while you’ll get kind of terrible service, or the bartender will give you a Coors Light with a lemon instead of Sam Summer, which is just wrong.

So why would I keep going back?

Well, for one thing, my rag-tag basketball team goes there pretty much every Wednesday after we play at the high school down the street. Some of the women have been going there every week for 18 years. They gripe about it every time, but they keep going back.

Plus, the beer selection is really fantastic. (You know, as long as the bartender doesn’t screw up your order.)

Okay, so it’s sort of hard to come up with awesome justifications for going to Doyle’s. But the servers are (usually) very nice, the desserts are cheap and tasty, and it’s down the block from my house.


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