Review: The New City Feed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or, you know, just not in JP), you know that City Feed took over the old Videosmith on Centre Street, and was supposed to open a new, bigger store in May. Astute observers may note that this is, in fact, August, and that the new store didn’t open til two days ago.


Now, I’m a huge fan of the original City Feed, and I really hope the Boylston St. location can stay open. (My sense is that if they want to they can; they clearly have a strong neighborhood presence, and while Stonybrook isn’t that far away from Centre Street, they’re not exactly next door either. I mean, Dunkin’ Donuts has two locations that are both on Centre Street, and they don’t seem to be hurting for business.) But the lure of an expanded menu and actual seating drew me to the new location.

We actually didn’t end up sitting, since we brought Leo, but that’s probably fine because there’s not a whole lot of seating. The floor space in general seems to be largely dedicated to the grocery section, which seems a little odd to me. You’d think they’d want more seating to encourage people to order something and sit a bit, since that is a thing that people like. But they didn’t ask me, so whatever.

I didn’t recognize any of the employees, so it doesn’t look like anybody moved over from the old location, and it showed a bit; people seemed more than a little unfamiliar with their offerings, particularly when someone asked one of the cashiers where to find something in the grocery section. (No clue.) Everyone was perfectly friendly, though, and for those of you who enjoy pining for your barista, I think that’ll be an option.

They’ve only been open three days so I’m inclined to cut them a bit of slack, but the whole visit was a tiny bit weird. They’re still unloading, so there are boxes lying around and a few shelves are sort of empty. Also, they put up a “No #7” sign on the sandwich board, when really what they meant was “No nayo.” That’s like saying “We’re out of ketchup, so we don’t have any french fries.” Actually it’s worse than that, because you could argue that ketchup is a vital part of the french fry experience, whereas fake mayo is not at all a vital part of any sandwich.

Anyway, I was able to order a #7 (much to the consternation of the cashier, who hadn’t gotten the whole nayo memo), and apparently they also have tempeh, although the fake BLT sandwich isn’t on the board. So vegheads, fear not–at least one location seems to have both tofurkey AND tempeh. At the same time. I know, zomg.

The other thing I should mention is that the grocery section is significantly expanded from the original location, and pretty much awesome. All local produce, clearly labeled (mostly from Stillman’s or Allandale Farm), all the soy products you could want, a large frozen case… Basically it’s Harvest, but without the beer and liquor section. (Also potentially without the random cheap stuff that Harvest carries, which could be problematic if you want to do all your shopping in one place.)

Anyway, I plan to go back, but clearly I need to find the new phone number (the main City Feed website hasn’t been updated, alas) so that I can call ahead next time, cause at lunchtime they got that place goin nutz.


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