Review: Ula Cafe

(Did I mention that my computer is dead? It is. I’m really hoping to get it fixed Monday. Until then I’ve been forced to steal the Sig Fig’s new laptop, which she understandably doesn’t want me to do all the time.)

We finally went to Ula, after months of saying “Hey, we should go to that cafe with the dumb name.” (What is it with us and poorly-named venues?)

First of all, don’t go on a weekend if you don’t like drinking coffee with thirty of your best friends. Seriously, this place gets packed. And, I mean, good for them–I like local places to get business–but I felt immediately claustrophobic. Despite how busy the place was, the folks behind the counter were extremely friendly and pretty speedy for the rush they were clearly handling. They also take Community Change cards, and require a very small minimum–eight dollars!–to qualify for a rebate.

We got the sweet potato sandwich (roasted ‘tato, avo, red onion, sprouts, tomato, and sesame tahini dressing), a pomegranate Italian soda (which Sig Fig insisted tasted like cranberry), and I ate a sticky bun that sort of made me feel like I was going to die afterward. I still feel a little like that now.

The sandwich was fantastic, although I still feel as if perhaps it’s not as good a value as a City Feed sandwich because the bread is significantly smaller. (Sig Fig maintains that because the sandwich is impressively tall, they equal out; I remain unconvinced.) The Italian soda was just fine, but that’s sort of hard to mess up–they have an impressive array of syrup choices, however. And the bun was… well, delicious, in that soon I will die, but I will have drizzled pecans on my lips when I go sort of way.

Sig Fig speaks extremely highly of their muffins, but the display when I arrived was a little underwhelming. It’s clear from feedback on the wall that the bakery (and strata) selection rotates depending on what’s fresh, which is exciting, but probably also frustrates regulars somewhat.

I can’t really see myself becoming a regular unless I join Mike’s again (Ula is in the brewery complex as well), but then if I did that the two would sort of cancel themselves out. So.


3 Responses to Review: Ula Cafe

  1. Sig Fig says:

    That sandwich was so Girthsome. I think we need to get another one, and conduct a water displacement experiment. Then you will see that Ula’s sandwich offering has the exact same volume as City Feed’s.

  2. pandanose says:

    That would be a waste of a sandwich. Which is a travesty.

  3. Sig Fig says:

    Your misuse of the word “travesty” is a travesty of good grammar.

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