Review: Cambridge One

Let’s just get this out of the way: it is sort of silly to name a place Cambridge anything when that place is not, in fact, located in Cambridge.

That said, I friggin’ love Cambridge One.

One reason I so love this (now) chain is that I may or may not have started illicitly drinking at the tender age of twenty in the Harvard Square location. As such, I have some very fond feelings for the place. Luckily for me, they also have a lovely beer and pizza selection.

Hard drinkers be warned: the Harvard location has no liquor license (I’ve heard rumors that sometimes people go across the street to the Border Cafe for tequila and cockroaches, then come back), and the Kenmore location seems to serve some kind of weird specialty cocktail but I don’t believe they have a full liquor bar either. That said, they have a fine selection of wine and beer, including pitchers. On my recent visit with a good college friend and her gentleman appendage, the gentleman and I split a pitcher of Brooklyn Lager, which was a delight. Also delightful: the fact that it was so incredibly full that we’d barely made a dent after our first round.

The real treat here, though–aside from the insanely good spicy salty breadsticks (which will be served to your table if you request them!)–are the pizzas. I can highly recommend a tasty number with potato and fontina, as well as one with portabello, carmelized onion and asiago. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried some with meat and also been satisfied, but those two happen to be my favorite.

Anyway, it’s nice that I still have one near where I work, thanks to the Kenmore Square addition.

One Response to Review: Cambridge One

  1. Kaydee says:

    The original Cambridge One is located on Church Street in Cambridge is still thriving.

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