Review: Himalayan Bistro

A friend tipped us off to an Indian place in Rosi that delivers on orders over $25, and we figured we could easily hit the mark between the three of us. So despite my cell phone dying, we managed to order.

And then waited a really, really long time for our food.

I think this is probably a universal problem with Indian food. While I’ve never felt like I waited overly long in a restaurant, I always feel like takeout/delivery takes an interminable amount of time. We were kind of starving and grouchy by the time the food arrived so at first it was the greatest food we’d ever eaten, but upon more reflection I’m not actually convinced they’re any better than Bukhara.

I ordered vegetable pakoras (kind of soggy, though that’s a delivery issue; ultimately they probably taste exactly the same as Bukhara’s, if a bit chewier) and once again wished I knew what the hell is in that green sauce because it is so tasty. (Their version is a bit runnier, but still tasty.) The plum sauce that came with the papadum was amazing, although more watery than others I’ve had. The naan (we got both garlic and aloo) was delightful, as was the raita. I got chicken mushroom, which is curry chicken plus mushrooms, and found it very tasty (medium spice level is certainly spicy enough for me) but also really watery.

Sig Fig was probably the least pleased in the bunch. She tends to order things mild because spicy gets uncomfortable, but their mild was way too bland. Our companion got shrimp vindaloo and seemed pleased, though it also looked watery to me. She reports that spicy is, indeed, quite spicy.

Anyway, it’s nice that they deliver to JP, but I don’t think I’ll feel a huge need to order from them again.


One Response to Review: Himalayan Bistro

  1. Sig Fig says:

    I mean, I went for “Mild” because a) I did not want to aggravate my recent lip injury, and b) I didn’t realize they offered three levels of spiciness. I am pleased to know that the Mild from Himalayan Bistro is actually Mild. At Bukhara, Mild can actually refer to anything in the range of Tasteless to My Mouth Just Melted. I was a big fan in general, and in the future will go for the Medium option.

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