Review: Quizno’s

I feel a little silly reviewing a major national chain, but I also find that a lot of people find and read my chain reviews, so what they hey.

When I was in high school, Quizno’s came out with an ad campaign that included someone retriving one of their subs from a trash can and eating it. That, combined with the fact that apparently our local stores were all insanely Christian (to the effect that they supposedly refused to stop playing Christian rock when customers complained), was enough to make my father proclaim that he would never eat there.

So I still feel like I’m doing something sort of illicit when I go to Quizno’s. Which I do sometimes, because I really love their sandwiches.

Again on the theme of too-many-tasty-restaurants-near-work, thus constantly tempting me to buy instead of bring my lunch, there’s a Quizno’s in the Landmark Center. I’ve been there three times in the last two weeks. The first time I got whatever that turkey sandwich is with the guacamole, which is amazing. The next time I actually had packed a lunch, but it was pathetically tiny and I decided to supplement with a flatbread sammie. (Yeah, I just said sammie. You’re going to have to deal with it.) And most recently, because I was so pleased with said sammie (picture that tasty bread Taco Bell stuffs a Gordita in), I made a combo out of two sammies.

I can’t say that the people who work at this location are really all that friendly, but they’re also dealing with people who have apparently never seen a sandwich before and have no idea how to order. That’s gotta be annoying. I know it is for me when I’m waiting in line behind them.

The sandwiches themselves are all extremely tasty. Toasting is always a good idea, and so are sauces. These are both areas where Quizno’s excels. I will say that while the sammies are very tasty, they’re sort of hard to put toppings on; the first time I ordered one to go, and by the time it got to my mouth all of the toppings had slid to the bottom of the little sleeve. But that’s just a minor annoyance, and does nothing to negate the general Tasty.


One Response to Review: Quizno’s

  1. Sig Fig says:

    “Sammies?” Really?

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