Review: Spike’s

This one is a long time coming. I was first introduced to Spike’s by the Sig Fig in the early days of our relationship, and I can honestly say that our mutual love of this fine establishment is one of the things that’s kept us together.

Okay, I’m actually joking. But we do both really like Spike’s, and for good reason: amazing hot dogs. Hot dogs that can be veggie pups if you ask. Also, curly fries. Really, really good curly fries.

I’m partial to the dogs that involve cheese and bacon; Sig Fig tends to either take hers naked (Mutt) and dress ’em up at the condiment bar or get the Junkyard Dog, which makes me never want to get anywhere near her face ever again. (Actually we both really like things with garlic and onion, so we’re more or less used to it by now. Although it always deserves comment.)

They also serve things like subs and chicken sandwiches, all on the same extremely tasty rolls/bread that house those tasty dogs, but I’m less familiar with that side of the menu, so satisfied as I am with the dogs.

Now, there’s a pretty good chance that whoever’s working will be a little bit punchy, particularly if you’re taking advantage of their late night hours, but that’s usually fun rather than annoying, and I’ve always had great service. Also, they sell their own root beer.

(There’s also a location on Mass Ave and at least one in Providence, but I’m tagging this Allston because that’s the one I know and love.)


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