Review: Nick and Norah hit the big screen

Okay, I’m going to put my controversial opinion out there first and foremost: I think Michael Cera is completely wrong for the part of Nick.

That was the first thought I had when I found out he was starring in the movie, and it continued to be my thought throughout the film.

Now, don’t get me wrong–I love Michael Cera. And I thoroughly enjoyed his performance in Nick & Norah, just as I did in Arrested Development, Superbad, and Juno. Which isn’t at all surprising, since he plays essentially the same character–albeit with slightly different wardrobes and some little physical idiosyncrasies–in all four.

But I still really firmly believe that another actor would have made more sense in the role.

(Go ahead, tell me what a dope I am and how wonderful he is. It’s cool.)

Regardless, I loved the movie. There were some significant deviations from the book (and not just the damn flannel shirt) but they all felt pretty natural and didn’t take anything away from the original story. In fact, the sex scene actually added a lot, and made the romance feel a lot… I dunno… nicer than in the book.

And, yes, there were some concessions clearly made to make the traditional teen comedy crowd happy, like the gross gum you’ve probably already heard about or a really unfortunate scene in a Port Authority women’s room. But there were also some great moments, and a lot of great on-screen chemistry.

I’ll say it: it’s a feel-good movie.


One Response to Review: Nick and Norah hit the big screen

  1. L. Lee says:

    i totally agree: i loved watching michael cera in the part, but he’s far from the ideal choice for nick.
    the thing i’m worried about is that he’s much worse for the part of scott pilgrim (because scott pilgrim thinks he’s way awesomer than he is, and cera’s schtick is the reverse).
    regardless, thanks for going to see it with me!

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