Due to the rousing success of Palin Bingo, I decided to make up my own cards for tonight’s debate. (And hopefully I can reuse them for the final debate too…) Yes, I borrowed heavily from Palin Bingo on design–and had a dickens of a time turning the outline blue for the Obama card. But I also painstakingly chose my list of words, and then used a random number generator to fill in the cards. Because I am just that kind of nerd.

4 different versions of each card, plus blanks for make your own, after the jump!


One Response to Bingo!

  1. […] liberals tonight, but rather from the TV room in my dorm. Ah well; ’twill be good anyway. Pandanose has a bingo for Obama and McCain; Jezebel’s liveblog is here, and you obviously know where I […]

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