Joe the Plumber is going to have an unpleasant day at work tomorrow

I don’t really feel like writing some big long political post right now–and not just because I’m so excited to see Mittens back on the air–but I do want to say this: I think anyone still self-identifying as an “undecided voter” has to be kind of an idiot.

It’s one thing to be unenthusiastic about the two-party system, or disillusioned because we’re in the midst of a major economic crisis and a lot of people are spending a lot of money on stupid campaign ads, or frustrated because neither major candidate is willing to get passionate about your views for fear of alienating moderates and independents.

But, seriously? Less than a month before the election and you haven’t figured out who will get your vote?

Okay, fine, I’ll get mildly political to see if any of the crazies come out, because there’s nothing I like more than crazy commenters:

I’m voting for Obama. Not because I think he’s so super-duper–I’m disappointed on his stance on same-sex marriage, for one thing–but because I think John McCain got wicked scary in the past eight years, and because his running mate scares me to death. (Well, realistically, his running mate combined with his current life expectancy scare me to death.) And in my state it’s not going to matter much–there would have to be some kind of freak disaster [is disaster the opposite of miracle? Because that’s the kind of longshot we’re talking about] for Massachusetts to go red–but I think it’s important to vote, even though the electoral college is kind of bullshit.


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