Review: Food Wall

Food Wall is the best Chinese food in JP. This might not be saying much, because JP also has that terrible place on Centre Street that I can’t even be bothered to look up because their food tied for the worst food I have ever eaten. (The other half of the tie? Kowloon. Do not eat there under any conditions.)

But it actually is saying something, because a lot of their menu is incredibly tasty. Other items, not so much.

Sig Fig and I eat out (or order in) enough that we have several places in our collective cell phone banks, and Food Wall is one of these. We also care enough that we’ve been annotating our copy of their takeout menu with every new order, and it’s a good thing, or we wouldn’t know that seafood SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COST, or that the spring rolls secretly contain shrimp.

Personally I’m extremely partial to their shredded chicken with garlic, scallions and onions (can be spicy, but not painfully so) as well as your old standards like sesame chicken. Sig Fig has had extremely mixed success with vegetarian options–sometimes tofu dishes come with enormous slabs of unseasoned tofu, and other times they’re extremely tasty but also extremely fried and greasy. Also a couple of entries contain annotations like “Might have made me sick.”

Regardless, the price is right, many of the dishes are extremely tasty, and they deliver. Just, you know, exercise caution.


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