Sandwich Works for Breakfast

I’d been meaning to try Sandwich Works for a while, since I was working just down the street and passed by every morning. One day I found myself ridiculously early and decided to get breakfast.

The menu for lunch looks pretty standard–you can get a regular deli sandwich of multiple varieties, and some hot things like burgers–but the service and the breakfast really shine. The same guy was working both times I breakfasted there, and he’s a really friendly dude. A couple of regulars came in–I always appreciate a place that clearly has regulars–but he was just as cordial with me as with them.

As for the breakfast–tasty. Both times I got bacon, egg & cheese on a croissant. He prepared everything in front of me–none of the Dunkin’ heat n’ slap together–and the croissant was ridiculously tasty. (Have you ever noticed that some croissants are sort of rubbery? These weren’t.) Good bacon, melty cheese, a real fried egg–it’s hard to go wrong.

The menu also includes home fries, omelets, and probably some other stuff that I wasn’t interested in but other people would like.


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