Review: Joy Rice

We’d been meaning to try Joy Rice since it opened, being as it’s just down the street from our apartment and all. I finally made the plunge last Tuesday since I was home alone for dinner (cooking for one depresses me sometimes), and I’m glad I did. First of all, the service is fantastic. I couldn’t have waited more than ten minutes for my take-out, and the staff was all extremely friendly. Including during a hilarious interaction with some other customers, who were trying to order sort of vaguely and not using the menu, which resulted in this exchange:

Guy: Look, I’m just trying to order, but you’re making this hard for me.
Woman taking order: You’re making me hard!

I can’t be sure, but I think his friend may have giggled a little.

Anyway, my chicken with cashews was fantastic–no bell peppers, which for some reason get thrown into this dish sometimes, much to my chagrin, and extremely fresh chicken and cashews. I can’t stress this part enough, because I so often find myself eating chicken at Chinese places that has zero texture or flavor. At Joy Rice, you actually taste chicken. And it is tasty.

Last night I forced the Sig Fig to eat some takeout, because we’d both eaten mostly Oreos all day and were both starting to get that I Haven’t Eaten Real Food And My Sugar High Is Wearing Off cranky feeling. Thus, I ordered her a small order of vegetarian dumplings (rave reviews, despite all having a strange teal dot on the outside) and the vegetarian delight (simply steamed vegetables; she reported they were all done perfectly, but clearly we’re going to have to find some acceptable tofu in the future).

I got the chicken chow foon, and was sort of surprised to find that it wasn’t the fat noodles I was expecting–these were extremely thin, more like the consistency of vermicelli. Nonetheless, it was extremely tasty–again, very fresh chicken, not greasy in the slightest (although the spring roll I got last time was, just to warn you), and quite flavorful all around. Plus I had plenty leftover for my lunch today.

To sum up: an amazing, reasonably priced Chinese place less than five minutes from my apartment. I win!

(PS: wait time is longer on weekends, which makes sense. Not atrocious by any means, but they were definitely much busier on a Saturday night than a Tuesday.)


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