Live blogging Prop 8

(And any other state ballot measures you wanna talk about, really.)

Couldn’t get coveritlive to work, so I’ll be updating in comments.


7 Responses to Live blogging Prop 8

  1. pandanose says:

    54 yes, 56 no with 11% reporting

  2. pandanose says:

    Projected winners: AZ ssm ban; Ark gay marriage ban; Mich medical marijuana; Neb end affirmative action; WA doctor assisted suicide

  3. pandanose says:

    Prop 8 55/45, 12% reporting

  4. pandanose says:

    Prop 8 55/45, 14% reporting

  5. pandanose says:

    Prop 8 54/46, 15% reporting

  6. alden says:

    woah! this is so much more convenient than checking news outlets myself! but seriously. looks bad, but i won’t get too excited for a while. still too early, with the places where people actually live only reporting at a trickle.

    and, i mean, the GOP is getting Spanked almost everywhere else, so hey. fingers crossed.

  7. pandanose says:

    Har har. I was participating in a liveblog elsewhere, and someone was like “Now who’s liveblogging prop 8?” (Cause the coverage ended shortly after Obama’s acceptance speech.)

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