Michelle Obama: So Hot Right Now

As I was walking through the tunnels of the Harvard Law School campus, this bulletin board caught my eye:


Pictured is a series of posters for the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau. From left, these are the headlines and the gist of the captions:

This Is How We Win. (Two members of the Class of 2009 who won a $54,000 jury verdict for a local tenant.

This Is What We Achieve. (Another member of the Class of 2009, now a Skadden fellow; the Skadden Foundation has been described as “the legal Peace Corps.”)

This Is How We Lead. (Deval Patrick, Class of 1978, Governor of Massachusetts.)

This Is Why We Care. (A domestic violence survivor and HLAB client. I think it’s very brave and awesome of her to agree to be part of the poster campaign, just by the way.)

And last, but certainly not least–can you tell what the headline is for Michelle Obama, Class of 1988, current First Lady? Oh, of course–This Is Why We’re Hot.


(Apologies for the poor image quality–I felt a little weird taking pictures of a bulletin board while law students milled around behind me. And they’re high-quality color printouts, so there’s some real gloss on those photos. Hence the mad reflections.)

Really, HLAB? That’s what you want people to know about Michelle Obama? Forget that while at HLS she participated in demonstrations to demand more minority recruitment of students and professors. It’s certainly not important that Michelle was actually Barack’s mentor at Sidley Austin while he was a summer associate there. Ignore that she was the first Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago, where she also worked to develop the Community Service Center. I could go on with all the evidence that Michelle Obama is an extremely accomplished woman in her own right, but no, you’re right, HLAB–the main thing is that she’s totally a hottie.


6 Responses to Michelle Obama: So Hot Right Now

  1. Wendell says:

    Ugh. Makes me think Kristen Schaal didn’t go far enough in her Daily Show segment parodying all the talk of M.O.’s fashion, and nothing about her accomplishments. I liked the segment, though it didn’t mention her advocacy for veterans’ families. Thanks for the links, pandanose!

  2. llabesab says:

    Is that “Hot” as in “..Africa is Hot?”

  3. pandanose says:

    I mean, I’d love to give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume that they meant “How cool is it that one of our alums is in the White House?” But since they chose a word that’s also commonly used to mean physically and/or sexually attractive… and highlighted her as “married to the President” instead of “has done awesome things on her own,” well… not a fan.

  4. annajcook says:

    This reminds me of a post I read (sorry, I can’t locate the link right now) about the media obsession with the Obama family’s “hotness” and the first couple’s sex life. Not cool. Creepy, in fact.

  5. pandanose says:

    Yeah, so. not. the point. It would be interesting to sort of map popular fascination with various presidential couples. I’m wondering in particular if JFK and Jackie Kennedy faced a similar obsession.

  6. […] skills… yet her law degree and her history within the field seem to be all but forgotten, even within her own alma mater! Yes, Michelle is fashionable and a wonderful mother, two traits that are highly revered within the […]

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