Theme FAIL

I just got an email from the gay & lesbian caucus affiliated with my alma mater, and here’s an excerpt:

come dressed in your best for a fun evening!

at 7:30 PM – meet at the HARVARD T STOP to head over to a North End
Italian Restaurant (details coming in next week)

Blink, blink.


So, okay, the North End is clearly the place to go in Boston for Italian cuisine. And I can totally understand deciding to go there for a group event. But why is the theme “Mafia Night”? Seriously, can someone explain to me why this is cool? What’s next–Red Guard Night in Chinatown?


2 Responses to Theme FAIL

  1. Sig Fig says:

    AGH. You know this is my pet peeve. Isn’t there any way to describe Italian Americans without invoking the friggin Godfather or organized crime? If the Harvard homos want to eat Italian food, why can’t they have a Michelangelo’s David Has A Naked Butt And That’s Sort Of Gay night? Or a Botticelli’s Three Graces Were Totally About To Have A Threesome night?

    Dressing up in your “mafia best” and heading into the North End is about as sensitive as slapping on your rice paddy hat with attached braid and going to dim sum in Chinatown.

  2. pandanose says:

    Update: “Mafia Night” was canceled due to “scheduling conflicts.” And in the email announcing the cancellation, the event was referred to only as “LGBT night.”

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