Comic FAIL

I hadn’t heard anything about the controversial Erika Moen cartoon (I’m not linking it directly, partly because several people have said it’s really triggering for them, partly because I don’t want to give her the traffic, and partly because she’s completely disabled comments on her livejournal, which I think is a really questionable strategy) until I read this Feministe thread on the fetishization of trans* people. I’ve been watching comments unfold there, but more importantly I’ve found really interesting discussion about the comic–and links to other comics–winding all around the internets.

So, it’s time for some links.

nixwilliams has a great response to the comic (part one, and part two), which is where I first learned that comments on Moen’s LJ had been disabled.

From there I discovered shemale, who apparently did the comic parody nixwilliams uses in part two above. (I tried to track down the direct link, but I have to admit I’m really bad at navigating LJ threads–if anyone can help I’d love to update this post with the proper attribution.)

Then there’s Sarah, The Bringer of Tea, with this great post on objectification and “chasers.”

And finally, a massive list of links from the Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomics Project. I haven’t explored any of them yet, so apologies in advance if any of the links there are broken.

How did I not know all these awesome people existed? Clearly I need to explore more beyond the big mainstream blogs.


12 Responses to Comic FAIL

  1. belledame222 says:

    I remembered I had a years-old endorsement of one of her other strips on the near-dormant secondary blog. Went ahead and updated with an ETA w/this post linked. I doubt many people are reading there, but in case. Sucks, I’d liked the -other- post (the “Girlfuck” one). but yeah, this was bullshit. Not okay.

  2. pandanose says:

    I’d never heard of her before, and I guess now I’m glad I hadn’t–it can hurt more when something you like (or love, like I used to love Achewood) turns out to royally fail.

  3. belledame222 says:

    what happened with Achewood…?

  4. pandanose says:

    This was in February–Philippe used a phrase popularized by that idiot on Project Runway.

  5. jayinchicago says:

    Thanks for posting about this and doing so in a sensitive manner.

  6. pandanose says:

    Thanks for stopping by, jayinchicago!

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  8. […] to fill up chapters in academic texts or pages on your blogs. Enough to make fetishistic jokes or webcomics. Enough to name my genitals for […]

  9. […] to fill up chapters in academic texts or pages on your blogs. Enough to make fetishistic jokes or webcomics. Enough to name my genitals for […]

  10. Loki says:

    So what, people can’t have sexual attractions to specific people? Oh, I know, I should stop going after people I find attractive, suppress my desires and live a ‘normal’ life. OH WAIT WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE? Jesus Christ, you have such a double standard.

  11. pandanose says:

    Loki, have you read any of the linked folks in this post? (You could even try An Open Letter, helpfully tracked back in three different places in this very comment thread.) Unless you’ve done that and would like to, oh, I don’t know, actually engage with the crux of these arguments–or demonstrate that you understand the distinction between fetishization/objectification and simple attraction–I’m gonna have to ask you to refrain from commenting again.

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