New Look, Same Great Taste

You may have noticed I’ve been updating the blog a bit lately. I still think I need to move away from the current template, but so far I’ve been too lazy to learn anything about CSS. But at least now I’ve got some more bells and whistles.

I’ve also updated my blogroll, and I wanted to highlight a couple of the new links.

Earlier this week on a Feministing thread, commenter jane had some really fantastic thoughts about feminism and the military. I was all, “Hey, do you have a blog? Cause you should.” And voila, A Military Feminist was born. (I’d like to take credit, but whatever–anyone with two brain cells could tell this woman should be writing and publishing.)

Next, there’s Little Light. I think perhaps I’ve linked Taking Steps before, and I couldn’t really tell you why I de-linked. It’s not that I’ve ever boycotted her or anything dumb like that. Maybe it’s just that her prose is so powerful, and often so emotional, that I sometimes have to take a step back. Oh, and sometimes she gets insane trolls in comments, which can be hard to take. But for reals, go read.

And last but not least–not a new link, but my brother has started updating NOLA Reporter much more frequently, so you should check that out.


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