Hey Dan Savage

…You’re terrible at apologies.

Here’s a hint: it’s not really an apology if you use a whole column to mock the people who complained to you in the first place.

Seriously. I know you revel in being an asshole, and usually I think your wit outweighs your searing insensitivity to other people’s concerns. But the r-word isn’t funny, clever or progressive, and I’m done reading your work.


2 Responses to Hey Dan Savage

  1. annajcook says:

    Short, sweet and to the point :). It’s sad, ’cause I’ve liked some of his books (The Kid, The Commitment) but the way he enjoys being outrageous really gets under my skin in a bad way — especially when the result is something that’s hurtful to marginalized, potentially vulnerable people. He should know better.

  2. pandanose says:

    Yeah, the reading I went to was actually from one of his non-Savage Love books (I can’t remember which), and it was really sweet. In the column, though–or even just his Slog–he so very often refuses to admit that he’s offensive or that other people with experiences outside his own just might have a point.

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