Why do I even read The Crimson? Like, ever?

Check out this little gem by Crimson editorial cartoonist Samuel L. Clemens:


(h/t to Future Feminist Librarian-Activist for saving the cartoon in time–apparently The Crimson doesn’t archive its cartoons.)

Here’s the letter to the editor I wrote, the first such letter I’ve bothered to write in years:

The April 30 editorial cartoon by “Samuel L. Clemens” continues the fine work I’ve come to expect from the Crimson over the years. (Anyone remember the “presidential neckwear” cartoon published shortly after the announcement of our first female president? Allow me to jog your memory: contrasting with a necktie, President Faust’s accessory was a dog collar and leash.)

It’s nice to know that you’re only looking at your female classmates as faceless T&A in the summer, “Sam,” but perhaps you’d do us the courtesy of using your real name next time so that all women with a shred of good sense can avoid you.

Editorial cartoonists shouldn’t have to hide behind pseudonyms. If the editorial board can’t find cartoonists who can manage intelligent (and non-sexist) humor–and who are willing to publicly back their work–maybe it’s time to re-run old Sock Full of Quarters strips.

(For those of you who didn’t go to Harvard in the early 00’s, Sock Full of Quarters was a student strip featuring a Pepsi bottle and a battery. It was often offensive, but at least the guys drew under their own names. Also, I occasionally found it hilarious. If you’re a Facebook member, you can see some of the old strips on their group page.)


7 Responses to Why do I even read The Crimson? Like, ever?

  1. jenny says:

    I don’t get it – is that an icecube? sugarcube? a cardboard box?

  2. pandanose says:

    It’s just a box. I don’t think the materials really matter. The point is that when ladies are all bundled up in the winter, we look like boxes. And in the summer, nothing matters but our bodies.

  3. FashionablyEvil says:

    Nice letter. The cartoon pictured above and the one you describe are dreadful.

  4. pandanose says:

    They actually published the letter, by the way, although for some weird reason (despite me including my class year in my initial letter, and answering their request for my city) they didn’t give me any attribution so it looks like I’m just some Concerned Citizen writing in.

  5. RMJ says:

    Besides all of the other valid points….

    This is Harvard. It’s supposed to be the best and the brightest. Regardless of how funny/offensive this is, surely there are better cartoonists on campus. Not only is this cartoonist’s perspective (artistic and visual) badly skewed, zir’s style manages to be nondescript, derivative, AND incompetent. Wow.

  6. pandanose says:

    Well, if there are, they’re not coming out of the woodwork. But I’ve said the same thing about Crimson columnists over the past few years.

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