Review: Ghazal

…And while we’re at belated reviews, how about the newest addition to JP’s Indian offerings?

I’ll admit it–at first I thought it was a little weird to plug another Indian restaurant into Centre Street, so close to Bukhara. But then two things occurred to me:

1. There’s are two Thai places on Centre, and Wonder Spice doesn’t seem to be hurting for business.

2. We could really use an alternative to Bukhara.

Seriously, I like the place, but it’s insanely inconsistent. Sometimes the service is fantastic, other times it’s surly and distant. Sometimes a dish made medium is pleasantly spiced, other times you’re lucky if the roof of your mouth remains intact.

The first time I tried Ghazal, we made the mistake of arriving on a Friday night without a reservation. They were nice enough to squeeze us in since we promised to eat quickly, which was nice of them, but it was a little too packed for my tastes. The food, on the other hand, was perfect.

Ghazal benefits greatly from having South Indian offerings on the menu, which I’ve sampled on both visits. The dhosas come packed with meat and flavor, and the crepe itself has a pleasant, almost sourdough flavor. The chicken utapam is equally tasty and surprisingly filling. A real winner is the accompanying coconut chutney, which I would like in quantities large enough for bathing.

My dining companions have sampled fare more familiar to Bukhara regulars and were more or less licking their plates, so I think we have a clear winner here. Prices are comparable to Bukhara, but with friendlier service, consistent spice levels, and more menu options, why would you go back to Bukhara?


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