Review: La Verdad

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to review La Verdad. Perhaps I was too busy stuffing my face with tacos at La Verdad.

Dangerously located just steps from my place of work and right next to Fenway Park, La Verdad isn’t exactly a “hidden gem,” but I do get the feeling it’s a little under-noticed when the Sox aren’t in town. Which is ridiculous, because the place is fantastic.

If you’ve ever spent any appreciable time in Mexico–and I mean the less touristy parts of Mexico, where the food is actually Mexican, and not the bastardization of Mexican food that American tourists expect to eat–there are a lot of things about La Verdad that will be extra special:

1. They make their own tortillas.
Okay, so you don’t necessarily have to have been to Mexico to appreciate this, since homemade tortillas are always tastier. But it does remind me of getting fresh tortillas from one of the push-carts dotting any number of city streets in Mexico.

2. Actual Mexican cheese.
This is a huge selling point. While I do actually enjoy the massive amounts of inauthentic cheese used in many Mexican restaurants, I also miss the ones I remember eating in Mexico. One is queso blanco, which La Verdad crumbles on top of its ample portions of chips and guacamole. The other is queso Oaxaca, which appears in the fantastic tortas.

3. Tortas.
If you’ve ever been an American used to having three big meals who then went to Mexico and freaked out a little in the afternoon, you know that tortas are a gift from the deities. At La Verdad they’re large and ridiculously tasty, stuffed to the gills with fantastic ingredients.

Overall, La Verdad is fantastic. In the bar/restaurant side, I’ve always had friendly, attentive service, and the cocktail menu is pretty impressive (particularly the margaritas). If you just head to the taqueria side, your food will come out quickly, and you can wash it down with any Jarritos variety–even the ones harder to find outside a Mexican grocery, like jamaica or tamarindo.

Oh, and if you order a burrito? You should be extremely hungry. Those things are the size of my head.


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